XT-2150 User Manual



Wiring Cable Identifier

Red cable – Power supply (12V)

Black cable – Ground

White cable – Ignition Sense


Connect the GPS Tracker

Connect the cables as described in section “Wiring Cable Identifier”. After the unit is powered, make sure that the blue status LED is blinking at at the rate of once every 3 seconds. When first powered up, it will blink at the rate of once every second and within 1-2 minutes, it will blink at the rate of once every 3 seconds. This indicates that it has an available connection with the cellular network. Final installation should be done only after the blue led blinks at the rate of once every 3 seconds


GPS Tracker Position

- make sure that the label is facing the right direction (e.g. if the label on the unit says, “Label side down”, then the unit should be installed so that the Label side faces down

- GPS unit needs access to GPS signals, so make sure that the install position provides this access


Additional Check (Optional)

Connect the white cable (ignition sense) to the power supply for a few minutes. This will simulate the condition of the engine being turned on and the GPS tracker will update every minute. When this is done, the device location will be instantly updated on the web portal. Do not leave the white cable permanently connected to the power supply as it will drain vehicle battery when not running.

LED Description Status
GSM Cellular Blue Searching for GSM Network Blinking once a second
GSM Lock Blinking once every 3 second
GPS Green Searching for satellite Solid
GPS Lock Blinking


Log Into Your Account

Your login details will be mailed to you. Using the account login and password, log on to your account. Once the blue status LED is blinking once every three seconds, the device will shortly start transmitting information to the host server (it transmits once every minute when vehicle is running and every 2 hours when not running) and you can see all the logged information.


After installation if the unit is not updating:

  • Make sure the blue LED on the unit is blinking at the rate of once every 3 seconds (as described on page 1)
  • If the blue LED is blinking at the rate of once every 3 seconds, then start the vehicle engine and keep the engine running for a few minutes to get a quick update. When the engine is off, the web platform updates at once in 2 hours and when the engine is on, the update rate is once every 1 or 2 minutes
  • If the engine is on and the web platform is updating at once every 2 hours, then the ignition sense wire (white cable) was not connected. This needs to be connected for for real time update (at 1 minute interval).
  • If all of the above were followed, and the unit still does not update, contact support